Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tiki Puka Puka

If you’ve been to Dubai, you’ve probably heard of Trader Vic’s. You may have spent some time there, drinking their incredibly lethal cocktails and dancing to latin music. And you may have heard of the Tiki Puka Puka – a drink so strong that you are guaranteed to suffer complete memory loss after drink number 3. I love the place and make it a point to go back every time I’m in Dubai.

Trader Vic’s opened a franchise called the Mai Tai Lounge in Mumbai a few months ago. Completely open air with yellow lighting and cozy tables and booths, you can see and hear it as you walk past PVR at Phoenix Mills. The music is tempting (more for me than my friends because I dance) and the smell of food that comes out of it – divine.

A large group of us decided to go celebrate the night before a friends wedding at Mai Tai. Ten people means ten different kinds of drinks and ten different kinds of food. My idea of a perfect Friday night. Yum.

The Rum Keg comes in a glass barrel with long long straws so you don’t have to exert as you sip. Thoroughly lethal, you can share with up to 4 people, however I have it on good authority that the keg on our table was wiped out with only 2.

Rum Keg
The Tears of The Tiki and Tiki Puka Pukas are equally powerful and equally capable of changing your night.

A pair
The necessity of water
I was starving and decided to try my staple order at any new place I go – the Trader Vic’s burger. Being a Friday night, the bar was crowded and I think the waiter’s attitude towards not writing down orders could be changed. We ordered 5 burgers between us at different times and had to keep asking for when they were coming.

Chicken Something
I wasn’t disappointed when my burger finally arrived (last boohoo). Soft and juicy it melted in my mouth and the golden fries that went with it were perfect. I could eat this burger again and again and again.

Definitely go to Mai Tai if you want to have a great night with fantastic food, booze and music.