Monday, 11 November 2013

Mars Smileys & A Summer BBQ

My summer holiday usually coincides with windy, rainy, cold England and an even colder Scotland. Imagine how happy I was that we spent a few days in Edinburgh during their ‘summer’. The word summer means that our friends who live there walk around in shorts and flip flops, while I huddled under one light jumper. Ok maybe it wasn’t that light. And maybe there was another layer inside.

The magical, wondrous thing about Europe is that the sun doesn’t set till 9pm. The first time I walked out of a pub at 9, I was slightly scandalized to still see daylight! And also unable to accept that the shops didn’t stay open till the light lasted- gasp!

Hello to you too Edinburgh 
We took advantage of a lazy Edinburgh Sunday and lots of light with a BBW at a friends’ house.

On the menu – sausages, sirloin steak, red & yellow peppers, portobello mushroom caps & grilled asparagus. What I love about the UK (and pretty much most countries that aren’t India) is that you can walk into a supermarket ten minutes before you’re supposed to make dinner and walk out with everything you need. Of course nothing beats ordering your stores home (hello, bhajiwala?) but this is a pretty great thing too. You don’t really need to preplan.

How to have Scottish BBQ

Step 1 - Send boys to buy self-lighting coal

Step 2 – Watch as boys attempt to fire the bbq, using all coal

Step 3 – Cut up & skewer the peppers, marinade the steak in salt, pepper and oil, clean mushrooms and open the sausages

Step 4 – Place peppers, sausages and mushrooms on the grill

Oh Yum
Step 5 – Drink while you watch your food cook

Step 6 – Serve the cooked food and put your steak on the grill

Step 7 – Add some sliced cheddar to the tops of the still cooking mushrooms, and watch it melt and bubble

Step 8 – Drink some more, it helps the food go down while you’re watching the amazing display of clouds

Step 9 – Finish everything and if not, feed the cat

Step 10 - Dessert

The one thing I’ve never had, and I have to say was pretty amazing was a Mars – Banana Smiley © Kit Carson

It’s pretty simple, so simple that I definitely intend to try it at our next bbq. The end result may not look fantastic, but it tastes incredible.

Kit Carson’s © Incredible Mars Bar Smileys

What you need
4 ripe bananas
6 Mars Bars
And a BBQ

Step 1
Keep the bananas in their skin and slice them vertically, like you’re drawing a smile into the side of the fruit.

Step 2
Thinly slice the Mars bars, also vertically, so you have long thin strips of chocolate goodness.

Step 3
Stuff the sliced chocolate into the bananas – try and fit as much as you can into the banana without tearing it on the other side or over stuffing it.

Step 4
Wrap each banana in foil and toss directly onto the coals on the BBQ.

Patience is a virtue
Step 5
Depending on how hot the coal it, give it about 15 to 20 minutes before carefully peeling open the foil.

Step 6

Serve with a big spoon and some ice cream.


Until next time Edinburgh… 

Lovely, Simpson like clouds

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