Thursday, 14 November 2013

My Roman Adventure

 When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie that’s amore. When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, that's amore…

If Paris is my favourite city in the world, Rome has snuck up and kicked it on it’s behind. After a lot of careful planning, we added Rome to our list of summer holiday destinations and arrived there one hot, sunny day, ready to tackle the heat wave and the food.

first look
When I think of Italy, I think of balmy air, a light breeze and fantastic food. We got 1 out of 3 – thanks for the heat wave Italy!!! The absolute beauty of the city is the architecture, and the way the city has grown and adapted itself around little ruins and old villas. Even the newer buildings come up keeping the old style in mind.

a tiny glimpse of rome
We stayed at Hotel Navona – perfectly located to walk anywhere we wanted. Day 1 was pretty funny. We got to the hotel, changed into something less heated (SHORTS!) and set off on our Roman Adventure. Taking a 6am flight out of Edinburgh may not have been the best idea, but it was the only flight there was. As a result, we were tired, thirsty and hungry. Keeping that in mind, we probably shouldn’t have stopped at a bar first (we slept for 14 hours that day), but we did. Ice cold Mojitos and some crisps a few minutes later, and we were part of magical Rome.

We had to stop
The next stop was pizza and pasta. I’ve always wondered, but I’m scared to ask – can I put pasta on my pizza? Or inside it like a Calzone? Do I really need to choose? The food we ate was at a little café just off Piazza Navona, unfortunately I don’t remember it’s name, I’ll blame that on the booze. By the time we finished our meal (Spaghetti Bolognese, Pizza Margerita and Bruscetta) we couldn’t keep our eyes open. Back to the hotel, and to bed at 6pm. The next time I opened my eyes, it was 6am!
Red red pomodore
First pizza in rome
The next day dawned bright and early for us – we were out of bed at 8am! After a quick shower and breakfast of coffee and pastries at a local coffee shop we were off to the Vatican! (Tourist tip – if you’re asking for a latte, specify there needs to be coffee inside it. Say the actual words Café Latte, or you will get a glass of warm milk, like I did the first time round.)

OMG - I'm in Rome!
Walking the streets of Rome with the person I most want to be with all the time (sorry love, hehe) was amazing. Seeing buildings, roads and people that I had only read about was inspiring. The Vatican was gorgeous, and we spent so much time in St Peter’s Basilica that we didn’t make it to the Vatican Museums before they closed!

After a great day of sight seeing, we showered, changed and wandered down to Campo de Fiori, once again a stones throw from the hotel. Settling down at Primo Café, we proceeded to demolish a bottle and a half of wine between us.

Ready to paint the town red
In addition to multiple sides of vegetables and potatoes, I ordered Il filetto guanciale e carciofi –a  fillet of beef with pork cheeks & artichokes. I was a bit hesitant about the pork cheeks, but it turns out they wrap the entire tenderloin in said cheeks and then slice of the fillets as needed. Delicious, juicy and wonderful, it needed no accompaniments to make it amazing.

Beef with Pork Cheeks
The pizzas flowing out of the oven looked incredible, but we managed to ignore them in favour of the meat we had ordered. My dining companion ordered l’abbacchio al forno con le erbe aromatiche della campagna romana also known as lamb chops over roasted in regional herbs. We’re used to seeing lamb chops drenched in gravy and mash on the table, so we were a wee bit disappointed that the meat came unaccompanied. The meat was perfectly cooked, pink and delicious and went well with the sides of roast potatoes and artichokes.

Lamb chops

No dessert for us, just more wine, and we were off to wander the streets of Rome. An amazing, magical night it was, one I don’t think I’m going to ever forget! (Now now, I can’t tell you everything)…

The Pantheon

The Trevi Fountain

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