Monday, 9 December 2013

You Can Pat My Bun Anytime

There’s this blog I follow that’s written by a regular London girl – ok you guessed it, it’s called thelondoner – duh. I absolutely love her lifestyle, and can’t imagine how she eats the amount she does and stays as superbly beautifully skinny as she is. She travels, eats, cooks, parties and looks amazing doing it all. Before leaving for our trip, I spent a few days poring over her website trying to identify places to eat at that weren’t the regular places. 

Hello grey skied London
Now there's a place I could live in
Being extremely lazy and also incredibly tired out by the time we got to London (10 days of walking everywhere in extreme heat will do that) my friend’s living room and couch seemed like the most inviting option every time we decided to make a plan, and needless to say we didn’t go many places. Queensway is full of takeaway restaurants and we may have cleaned out the Peking Duck supply that week (thanks Four Seasons). 

why would anyone want to leave the house?
The one lunch we did drag ourselves out for turned out to coincidentally be one the burger places I’d read about online. And surprise, surprise, it was also conveniently in one of my most favourite, though cheesy and touristy, bits of London – St Christopher’s Place. 

waiting in line
Hello Patty & Bun. Walking past it, you wouldn’t look at it twice. The walls are a slightly unwashed white, with graffiti and industrial lighting everywhere. The storefront is painted a bright post box red, and the line that winds its way down the street tends to catch the eye. The smells wafting out catch the nose too! 

We were lucky to have caught the front of the line, and didn’t spend more than 20 minutes waiting before we were shown to a table. The menu is relatively simple – 6 burgers, some sides and desserts. 

erm yes, i'll have them all

Who are we to resist chicken wings? Spicy and hot, they were crispy on the outside and fell off the bone as soon as you picked them up. A sprinkling of spring onion on top complemented the taste perfectly. Delissssssshussshhh. The chips with rosemary salt go really well with just the wings, as well as the burgers. 

We ordered the special of the day – the Jose Jose Chilli Burger – a deluxe double patty with 2 kinds of cheese, house smoked mayonnaise, chili chorizo relish, pickled onions and other things I can’t remember – as well as 2 Smokey Robinsons. Smokey Robinsons are beef, brioche, bacon, their own house smoked mayo, cheese, tomatoes and caramelized onions. I decided to be slightly healthy and order a side of house salad with my burger. I’m sorry I’ll never do it again! 

to be fair, it was pretty good
The burgers were huge and a bit of a struggle to eat in one bite, but I managed just fine. Soft, juicy and every so smoky, the Smokey Robinson just calls to you. I’m not a big onion fan, so I had to open my burger up and get rid of the top coating, and I have to say it didn’t make much difference. 

deconstruction so you can see
taking off the onions
The meal was over pretty quickly, the service is fast and the burgers don’t take more than 15 minutes to get to you once you’ve ordered them. If you’re travelling to London anytime soon, I definitely recommend Patty & Bun. They’re just off Bond Street so you can pop in between shopping runs. Try and avoid weekends, I’m pretty sure the lines will be unmanageable. And don’t take it out of context if you hear people yelling ‘Great Buns’. X

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