Friday, 16 May 2014

Semara Semara

When I left you last, I was gazing yonder into the blue green Indian Ocean (You know you want to look at it again, you know you do!) and spending my days going from the pool to the beach to the sea and back to the pool. 

The amazing isolation and beauty of Semara Luxury Resorts meant that we didn’t leave the resort once, and ate at the hotel restaurant (Seletan) every night. We had the restaurant to ourselves, and were waited on hand and foot by a very attentive staff. 

We started our first meal with traditional Balinese food - chicken satay bali style, and Nasi Goreng. One of our cab drivers told us that Nasi Goreng is pretty much the staple food in Indonesia, they eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's got everything - rice, meat, veggies and eggs, so why not! 

Nasi Goreng
Baked barramundi fillet
We decided to treat ourselves to a (more) private dinner in our villa one night – a private BBQ for two. It was definitely the most expensive thing on the menu, but well well worth it. In india, in my head, a BBQ is just a grill where you slap some meat on and eat it pretty much standing over the flames. Not this one! The only thing I found extremely strange, was that for the price we paid for the BBQ there was no alcohol included, not even a bottle of wine. 

We got back from the beach to find our poolside had been transformed - caterer style tables and cloches stood on the far side of the pool, beyond which our butler had laid a table for two. Right at the edge of a cliff.

The set up

Look closer
Love the backdrop
After a quick swim and snooze, we walked out of our room to get down to the very serious business of eating. 

Ready for rock & roll
A ring around the moon
First course - salads. We had so many options! Ceasers salad, regular salad, potato salad with bacon bits, cut vegetables, spirally vegetables, olive salad, a tomato salad, and 3 different kinds of dressings.  Not wanting to appear overly greedy, we politely piled our plates with veggies and salad and sat down to eat. 

Healthy ha?
The grill was smoking and sizzling most deliciously, and we watched as our very own chef put monstrous amounts of food on it. 

All for grilling!
Just sizzling away
We had: Barramundi, King Prawns, Lobster, Chicken & Steak

Oh my god
Mommy & baby
And not just one or 2 pieces, but a huge massive heaping of each! 

There were no fish left in the ocean
Destroyed after that meal
The only thing I didn't eat was the chicken (I nibbled on a piece off F's plate), but between us two you see, we wiped the platter clean!