Friday, 6 June 2014

Postcard from Bali

I keep meaning to write about Bali. I do. Everytime I sit at my computer, I think about the next post im going to write, and I just go blank.

We did so many fun things, and balanced that out with a lot of sleeping, a lot of swimming, and a lot of lounging.

One of the more fun things we did was take an Indonesian cooking class. I found a recommended class on Tripadvisor, and emailed Maria the day we landed in bali. She was pretty quick replying and we arranged to meet later that week. She would pick us up from the hotel, take us to the market and then make us cook.  Have a look…

Market time - so many different kinds of product. We're used to having much less back home. I had to be pulled away from the eggs! 

Who needs an SLR when you have an iPhone?

Bags full of fried onion
Dried fish, hanging right next to broad beans

Once we finished at the market, we headed back to Maria's house to make our meal. We had chosen 3 dishes from the extensive menu she emailed us, and were quite excited to get on with the cooking! She had printed recipe sheets sitting stacked on her table, which she allowed us to take pictures of - not just the recipes we had chosen, but all her recipes! We sat around at her dining table for a while, sipping tea and chatting with her while she got the ingredients ready for our meal. Each recipe was carefully measured, and laid out on a grinding stone so we could photograph EXACT quantities. We were falling asleep by this point (having woken up at 8am for the first time in months) and volunteered to peel onions and garlic to stay awake. 


Indonesian Fried Chicken
Beef Rawon (a soupy beef stew eaten with steamed rice)
Indonesian Grilled Fish
Vegetable something (I couldn't remember)

Meticulously written recipes
We did something I never imagined we would - we went to someone's house, prepared the food & then cooked in her kitchen! It was an awesome experience, and while not the Masterchef extravaganza we had in mind, it was interesting and greatly informative. I love learning about how other people live. We cooked the chicken on the stove, grilled the fish on a tiny charcoal bbq outside the front door, and ate steamed rice from a giant GIANT pot of rice.

What if you run out of seasoning for the chicken? Just wing it. 

Hello there
Grilled fishie, all ready for cooking

Chicken marinated and in the pan
Next step is to fry this in OIL
There we go
Serving up some IFC

Prepping the vegetables

Chillies for the Sambhal

Being an Indonesian housewife :D
Chillies blistered and ready to be ground into sambhal

Back again after a massive PROPER feeding