Thursday, 23 April 2015

The On Tour Diaries: Jaipur

This year has been full of travel. Yes, I know that we’re just about a quarter of the way through, but it’s been full of flights & food in different places that I would never have eaten at on my own. High fives for working in different cities!


My usual trips to Jaipur involve eating at the Rambagh Palace a lot, and I miss out on all the street food. Now I’m not really complaining, I love Rambagh, but it's nice to eat at other places too :) We did an event at Mahima Trinity Mall which unfortunately didn’t boast of any food court whatsoever. 

woefully under exciting food
Luckily, there were 2 guys with food carts right outside that kept us happy all day.

Aloo parathas (Rs 20 for 2) with a little bit of lime pickle & some gravy made amazing breakfast every day, as did the Chole Khulche – something I have never eaten before! 

I peeked into the Chole-walas cart, and got some up close pictures. I am onion-phobic and refuse to even taste food with raw onion in it, which meant that I was eating a lot of food on my own each time. (It explains the few kilos I put on in Jaipur too).

Prepping the chole

Heating the kulcha
Mixing masala
The lal maas in Rajasthan is world famous, and my favourite place to eat it is at Dhola Maru, in Clarks Amer. ‘Handi’ comes a close second. Lal Maas - translated as 'red meat' - is essentially a mutton curry that's made with lots of spices and yogurt to temper it down. The gravy is thick and delicious, and the meat is so soft it falls apart at the lightest touch. 

It was the first time I’d eaten there. You walk through a narrow doorway into a huge space that is brightly decorated with Rajasthani art. Uniformed waiters hand you menus that are just confusing – how do you choose from so many different dishes!  I can’t really tell the difference between one gravy & the other, and let someone who has been here before order for us. That’s the most intelligent thing we did! Say hello to Jungli Maas, which is succulent, tender pieces of lamb cooked in an equal weight of ghee and red chilli. Unbelievable. So good for the soul, so terrible for the waistline. 

Heart attack on a plate
While we did eat a lot of the other food, the one that's worth talking about the most is the Jungli Maas. Their tikkas, butter chicken, lal maas and fantastic kulchas and naans are also pretty awesome. 

This is definitely a place I am going to visit again and again and again. Oh my lord! 

Parathas in crime

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