Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Jungle Diaries 3: Pench again

We were lucky enough to watch the jungle come to life during the first rains of the season. More deer that we've ever seen before, langurs by the score and a very grumpy, very large 'BMW male'. We saw 3 tigers that trip and each was more beautiful than the one before. Baghinala, one of Pench's older female tigresses, made a special appearance one morning and then again a day later. We were able to watch her sleep and roll around for a good half an hour before she got fed up with the annoying noise from twenty jeeps and their over excited occupants and walked away with a baby Sambhar in her mouth. 

Jungle fowl and jungle hen

A tree full of painted storks

Wild dogs cooling off

Wild boar piglets


some privacy please
The village council

Jackals saying hello
Changeable hawk eagle

Sloth bear

This is how you dry off when you don't have a hair dryer
Neel guy
Twix reincarnated!
Jungle owlet
Stork eat frog
Babblers in action
My family and other animals

Go away puny humans 
Why oh why can't they leave me alone? 
Fine I'll take my dinner and eat it somewhere else. This was our last sighting of Baghinala before we left to go back to Mumbai. What a lovely way to say goodbye! 

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