Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Jungle Diaries: Kanha

It's very easy to wax eloquent about the jungle. It's beautiful, it's almost untouched by man and is truly a sight to behold. Here are snapshots from my trip to Pench and Kanha earlier this year. We saw three tigers in Pench, and unfortunately none in Kanha. The guides say that we were extremely lucky to see a tiger on our first ever safari, and we continued that luck in Pench. We were in Kanha for five days and didn't spot a single one.  It was really disappointing, but the gorgeous old forest made up for that a little. Kanha is so big that safaris are divided into zones. They only allow a certain number of jeeps into each zone to keep peace and quiet. That's a little debatable, I've almost yelled at people screeching 'ehhhh taaaaiigggeerrr aaalaaa' and scaring the tigers and other animals away. 

We saw a pack of wild dogs walking down one of the main roads, and then crossing over. They look like little foxes (yes, I say foxes) but are one of the more vicious predators in the jungle. We saw billions and trillions of birds whose names I never remember nor bother to. A rare barking deer surprised us all for they are known for being skittish. This one was eating something from the base of a tree by the road and stayed with us for a good five minutes while we inched closer and closer until we could almost touch it. 


The view from our room 
When in the jungle, try to blend in 
Morning mist rises
A lonely road
Fences look like colour pencils
Friends of the parsis
Wild dogs 
Gaur - Indian Bison, but not really a bison
A gorgeous stop in the Mukhi zone
My cousins friend
Sometimes nature is pretty cool 
A little elephant in the woods 
Watering hole

Ducks in a kiddie pool 
I did say ALMOST untouched by man.. hello Tata, Parsis are everywhere
The jungle patrol
Barking deer. Love the eyebrows
Making tea on a cold winters evening
Another wild dog sunning itself
Mama, me hungry
Good morning Kanha

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