Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Snapshots of Istanbul

A few months ago, we decided to go on a sibling trip to Istanbul that coincided with my birthday and what was sort of a long weekend. The initial plan was 4 days in a smaller place by the sea and then 4 days in Istanbul, but due to lack of planning and not being able to agree on anything, we ended up staying in Istanbul for almost 9 days. 

The city is an incredible combination of old world charm and nouveau hipster. In fact, if I had to describe the Istanbul we saw succinctly, it's plain old modern hipster. The cafes, the coffee shops, the people - they're all just so incredibly cool. 

We wandered the streets as much as we could, battled contrary weather gods (the sun scorched us one day and then the rain soaked us the next), and ate as many lamb kebabs as we possibly could. 

I have to say that being in a city for 9 days tends to make you a little lazy. The things you'd like to pack into one day can be held off for a day or so, or put off till 'later' and you end up doing less than you originally wanted to. 

This is my first post of what will be quite a few for Istanbul - almost a teaser! 
Our picturesque air bnb apartment
Beautiful blue Bosphorus
A first look at Turkish pastries
Need liquid nourishment!
Hands down the best place we ate at
Grilled Haloumi
Kuzu sis
My amazing grilled veal steak
Fried quails eggs and toast for breakfast!
Taking a break at the Dolmabahçe Palace
Trillions of kilos of Turkish Delight
Every street in Istanbul is packed with places like this
Top of the Galata Tower
From the top of the Galata Tower
A taco truck we found walking down some stairs
Mussels stuffed with rice, sound way more interesting than they taste
This is everywhere!
In the Spice Market