Sunday, 28 February 2016

Constanti-Turkey (Eating in Istanbul)

Spending time in another country is a wonderful way to have a birthday. It hadn't been a great year, and I couldn't think of anything better to do than eat my way through several tonnes of lovely luscious lamb in Istanbul. Eight days in Istanbul (affectionately dubbed Constanti-Turkey) was a lot, but I know that we could spend a year in the city and still not have had enough. 

Here's my uber quick report on things to eat in Istanbul: 

Kuzu Sis is lamb kebabs, skewered and grilled over an open flame. They are moist, juicy and absolutely incredible. We ate them every chance we got. 

A Turkish Breakfast normally consists of white cheese (similar to feta), old cheese (kaşar peyniri), black and/or green olives (zeytin), butter, honey, jam, an omlette or boiled eggs (yumurta), sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and Turkish sausage - Sucuk. Accompanied by twists of bread, Turkish tea or coffee. 

Street food is kind of interesting too. We found vendors up and down Taksim selling mussels stuffed with rice, which looked far more exciting than they actually were. 

The fish sandwiches being sold by the ferries at Kabatas were incredible! Lightly fried thin pieces of fish were literally SQUASHED onto pieces of bread, doused with lemon and served up. Yummy. 

Stop every chance you get for cups of Turkish tea, and spend your time watching locals and tourists walk by. Every corner has a tea shop or a coffee shop placed just-so. Do it justice.

Eat Haloumi. Always.

We found a restaurant called Kasabim in the Cihangir district of Istanbul, and went back there twice in the week we were around. Eat the lamb! They also have a butcher's shop down by Taksim, so you can get your meat cut fresh and take it back home to cook too. The staff was most amused to learn that we were taking lamb chops back to India with us!

Making kuzu sis - Lamb kebabs

Korocec - Lamb intestine sandwich
Turkish tea for two

Turkish Breakfast
Mussels stuffed with rice
Deeply fried sardines
Nutella banana pancake

Mixed Mezze
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Kuzu sis again
Lamb chops for my birthday
More Kuzu Sis
T Bone

Grilled Haloumi 

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