Friday, 26 February 2016

In the Bazaars - Constanti-Turkey

Istanbul is the kind of city that everyone has been to. In fact, we got so many recommendations from so many people that we kind of closed our eyes, and ran our fingers across each column till we landed on something to so. It was great :D 

The bazaars, while not so different from our own versions of it - Crawford Market, Bhajji Gully, Pali Naka etc - teemed with different kinds of spices and smells. Everything was priced way too high, and it was just a matter of bargaining them down. We spent hours in the Spice Market, which enchanted us with its wares and its extremely enthusiastic vendors, but rushed through the Grand Bazaar which was disappointingly formal. Turkish delight, spices, exotic teas, hilarious teas, ceramics and glass pieces all came together amazingly. 

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