Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Queen of Pench

Baghin Nallah - also known as the Queen of Pench - was found poisoned in Pench National Park a few days ago. Her senseless death has created shockwaves across the wildlife community, and has brought both the forest and the forest departments efforts to Save the Tiger under close scrutiny. I was fortunate to have two wonderful, lengthy sightings of this beautiful tigress in June last year. We chanced upon her early one morning and spent a good half an hour following her as she walked down a road marking her territory. She reappeared snoozing the following afternoon on a small rise next to an extremely populated road, and put on quite a show for the thirty odd jeeps that eventually gathered there. She rolled, she yawned, she roared, she stretched until she finally got up and trotted away with a baby sambhar clamped between her jaws. We followed her down another nullah to where she settled with her afternoon tea, and proceeded to devour it with joy. 

Rest in Peace Baghin Nalla.